Health and the City: Staying Fit in Urban Jungles

It is easy to love the city and thrive in it. For people who love shopping, good food, technology, and the social scene, cities are the destination of choice. Despite the glitz and glamour of city life, there is a dark side that most people often choose to ignore and it’s that not all cities are healthy. For instance, Hong Kong suffers from bad air quality because of pollution and other forms of carbon emissions. Hong Kong’s new air index indicates that pollution levels in the city have been increasing to the absolute worst level in recent years. Hence health insurance in Hong Kong becomes important.

If you are living in a city where there are serious health risks, how do you stay healthy?

Hand Hygiene

A desktop computer has 300x more bacteria than your office toilet and what is more troubling is that it is rarely cleaned. Doorknobs, light switches, handles, and telephones are other notorious repository of pathogens that we touch every day. One way you can protect yourself from sickness like colds and flu is by exercising proper hand hygiene. Wash your hands regularly and bring hand sanitizers with you. Many common diseases can be avoided just by washing your hands regularly.

Stay Active

Many city dwellers are inactive. With so much time spent working or studying, most do not have the time to exercise. Pacific Prime Hong Kong suggests engaging in physical activities like hiking, jogging, and sports like football. It is good for physical conditioning, promotes well-being, boosts brain power improves productivity.

Mind What You Eat

One of Hong Kong’s main attractions is food. From traditional cuisine to the exotic, you can find just about anything in the streets of this bustling city. Food stalls, restaurants, and pubs are in abundance, which is why temptation is always present. It is okay to eat, but you should know that an unhealthy diet has negative effects on the body. Specially expats for instance need to have access to expat health insurance in Hong Kong to cover up for medical costs, if need be. 

There are benefits to living in the city, but there are health risks, too. By observing proper hand hygiene, keeping active an active lifestyle, and eating the right food, those in the city can stay healthy, productive, and enjoy city life to the fullest.